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3 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with WebRTC

As unified communications (UC) enjoys an increasingly solid footing in the market, businesses are becoming more proficient with a range of communications technologies and beginning to envision more sophisticated use cases for applying such technology at their organizations. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), once regarded with some skepticism because it was in development for quite some time and not yet supported by all web browsers, is now also receiving some deserved attention for the many ways in which it can improve business communication. Some of them are quite unique and separate from what UC offers. Here are three ways businesses are boosting productivity with WebRTC today.

1. Better Customer Service Through Contextual Communication

Have you ever been frustrated that you have to repeat your customer information over and over when navigating customer service phone lines for a product or service that you use? Because it’s browser-based, WebRTC offers some built-in functionality that can help alleviate this common and annoying customer experience problem. By sharing contextual data with the service rep handling the call, such as the user’s account information on the business’ website, WebRTC can remove this point of friction and allow the call to proceed much more efficiently.

This contextual approach can be applied in a huge variety of ways—for similar customer service purposes using mobile apps, for starters; by incorporating third-party application programming interface data from social media sites; or even when displaying relevant data in the course of a WebRTC video chat. Fundamentally, this technology allows businesses to communicate with their customers in richer, more context-aware ways that enhance the overall customer experience.

2. Click-to-Call for Speedy Sales Consultations

You have probably already seen click-to-call in action when searching for something online. Savvy businesses have already configured their search engine results and search advertisements to prominently feature a phone number so that customers can conveniently reach them for a quick question on the go using their mobile phones. I know I’ve used this feature a few times and have found it very handy. WebRTC enables this functionality within a business’ website or mobile app, making it that much easier for customers to automatically call service representatives without having to laboriously dial out the phone number by hand (or, potentially, misdial the number and give up in frustration). What’s more, they can use the same technology to initiate a video chat on the fly if they wish. This can be useful for sales purposes, of course, but it also can be powerful when applied in customer service scenarios, enabling a representative to get a live video look-in at a product that’s not working so they can quickly troubleshoot it and resolve the issue.

3. Frictionless Collaboration with Business Partners

Every busy business professional can relate to this scenario: A meeting ran late, and so now you’re running late for a video conference. You hurriedly try to call the meeting on your computer without having tested the software beforehand. You just hope it works. A window pops up saying that you need to install a piece of software, and then you run into a glitch you hadn’t anticipated. You’re dead in the water while the meeting goes on without you. With the proliferation of conferencing services out there today, each with its own proprietary software, you’re going to encounter this roadblock at one point or another. Fortunately, WebRTC doesn’t require software installation because it relies on your web browser alone. So, you can access a WebRTC meeting and jump right in from wherever you’re using your browser of choice, whether that’s Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Android, or Safari. Businesses can use WebRTC in just this way to offer accessible, frictionless meetings to their clients and partners so that collaboration can happen seamlessly and on demand.

Of course, there are many other ways in which WebRTC can be used to streamline and enhance business communications. Is your business using WebRTC today? if not then give us a call +8801777667999 or send us a mail  ( to get WebRTC solution to boost your business.


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