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Create Your Branded Telemedicine App

Nowadays many healthcare organizations and hospitals are considering to add telemedicine solution in their existing domain of healthcare services. Due to technological advancement and increased availability of devices, it is easier than ever before to launch a telemedicine application and expand the sphere of health services. However, it is mistakenly considered by many that it is enough to only have the video calling feature in a telehealth application. As a reason, many organizations are using popular messenger applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger as a means of conducting telemedicine service.  Certainly, video calling is the uppermost on the feature list of telehealth solution, but unless it collaborates with other crucial features like E-prescription and Electronic Health Records effective telemedicine solution cannot be provided.

Ensuring Security is a Must in Telemedicine

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the popular massaging & video calling platforms are subject to data breaches and third-party interceptions. Furthermore, all of these free platforms harvest the personal data of users and use that in various ways for monetization. None of these platforms is HIPAA compliant, as a result, patients’ sensitive medical information is not safeguarded by any legal obligation.

Professional and beneficial in the long run for health service providers would be not to depend on common video calling apps for telehealth services. Instead, they can build their branded telemedicine application from a white-label solution provider and get the required stack of features along with increased data security.

Benefits of Having Branded Telemedicine App

With the help of a white label solution provider a healthcare company can quickly launch into the market, and this will save them huge money and time that would be needed to build a similar application from scratch. An already established solution provider will get them a ready-to-go app with necessary features. White labelling makes it easier for organizations to have a branded application with customized features. Also, this would give companies certain freedom to focus and find a niche that would differentiate their service from others.

White labelling is getting popular among organizations as it gives them-

  • Freedom to introduce new features according to business needs.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty due to personalized communication
  • Independency from third-party messaging platforms and control over management panel

Independency from Other Platforms

Using other OTT services for providing telehealth solution makes hospitals/organizations dependent on those systems. it is not just about having less data privacy and minimal features in the telemedicine solution. It also makes the solutions vulnerable to any internal or external threat poses against those communication platforms. Owning a branded telehealth platform reduces the dependency on third-party companies. Whether deployed on own server or cloud, the solution will not be affected by any other platforms’ troubles. With extra data security, it also helps to get firsthand statistics and analytics.

Data Protection

Getting a telemedicine solution from a white label solution provider ensures having a HIPAA compliant solution. Deploying the solution on own server guarantees the security of confidential patient and healthcare information. Healthcare organizations can also use this solution for internal communication as this is free from any third party interception, and thus can ensure extra security of all sensitive business information.

Patient Satisfaction

Having a branded telemedicine application makes an organization unique among thousands of healthcare service providers. White labelling ensures a high standard of the application and having a great and fulfilling app would talk about the efficiency of an organization’s service. Telehealth app provides patients with the freedom to be connected with doctors whenever they need and this value-added service increases patient satisfaction and trust in the organization.


White label means getting a furnished app with all the beta testing, troubleshooting and fine-tuning processes done by the provider. Having a branded application also lets the companies add extra features according to their needs or bring slight changes to existing features to provide an exceptional user experience. Outstanding user experience and cutting-edge features make an application remarkable among others.

Cost Effective

White labelling saves months of production time, and it also requires less investment than developing it in-house. With a furnished app ready in no-time companies can enter into the market swiftly and gain competitive advantage.

Better Connectivity and Branding

A branded telehealth application makes it possible for healthcare companies to remain in constant touch with their patients. Features dedicatedly built for health services like e-prescription, medicine reminder, patient profile, and EMR provide fulfilling service to patients. Convenience and satisfaction of customers will help to spread the brand name.

How to Get Your Branded Application Ready?

Established white-label communication solution provider Ducomm has come up with an avant-garde telehealth solution Ducomm Health. Ducomm Health is a robust, highly scalable, secured and fully customizable solution that enables care-at-a-distance and extends the reach of quality healthcare. With Ducomm Health healthcare organizations can easily get a market-ready solution and launch it under their brand name.

  • With Ducomm Health organizations can get cutting-edge features specially developed for the healthcare sector like E-Prescription, Appointment System, Electronic Health Records, Medicine Reminder, and Patient Profile in their application.
  • Ducomm Health is a platform-independent solution. Organizations can launch it in both Android and iOS platforms
  • Ducomm Health uses of latest webRTC technology which ensures low bandwidth consumption. Users can make HD video call even with low bandwidth connection.
  • Ducomm Health provides flexible deployment options. Companies can choose to deploy the solution on their server or the cloud. Separate deployment ensures data security with no third party interception.
  • Use of highly scalable technical architecture makes the solution capable of consuming millions of hits simultaneously and thus it can be scaled up without any hassle.
  • CRM integration via API codes makes it effortless for organizations to transfer previous data and patient history smoothly.

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