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The Best E-Learning Solution in Bangladesh

Not everyone has access to equal opportunity of learning but thanks to the blessing called technology, people can now opt for online learning or e-learning that enables them to acquire quality education which they might have been missing out on previously. Due to the pandemic the world is going through, it has become more important than ever to perform educational activities at home. While this is still comparatively new in Bangladesh, there are some e-learning platforms which are already providing excellent service with necessary features that go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of teachers and students alike. User experience denotes that an overall comprehensive learning management system that includes both live online classes and a collection of resources is more desirable. Students can get access to resources for learning online which are already there. But learning is an interactive process where students need guidance and support from their teachers in the form of tasks, assignments, and tests. So, the best e-learning platforms would be the ones that can bring together the collection of resources and interactive features of online classrooms.

Durbin Learning Management System is one such platform that exceeds the expectations when it comes to online education services. Having two different platforms for virtual classes, namely Durbin Classroom and Durbin Academy, the Durbin LMS provides a holistic experience for students and teachers. When it comes to organized resources, Durbin Academy provides with e-learning videos, test questions, assignments and competitive quizzes that students can take to assess their preparations. This comes in handy especially when students are trying to learn by themselves. But not everything can be self-taught and this is where we see the importance of interactive learning with teachers which is the function of Durbin Classroom. Since students and teachers are accustomed to traditional classroom environments, the transition from offline classes to online classes needs to be seamless and convenient. A virtual classroom should mimic traditional offline classes with its features. Another great advantage of opting for Durbin LMS is that it can be white-labeled by a customer for their own brand. This helps with the customer’s brand promotion while they can leave the responsibility of software management to the developing company.

In order to understand why Durbin LMS is one of the best e-learning platforms in Bangladesh, it is important to know the two platforms better:

Durbin Academy

  1. Grade-wise video classes

The platform has video classes on different subjects for students of Class 5 to Class 12. These resources are tailor-made for the students of Bangladesh, keeping in mind the needs of students from each grade and their capacity of learning.

  1. Accessibility

Durbin Academy is a cross-platform service that works on both computer and mobile. It is easy to access via the web and has mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

  1. User Friendly Interface

The platform is very simple and easily navigable by any user, making it convenient for all sorts of students including those who are not very good at using EdTech solutions.

  1. Downloadable Videos

The videos available on the platform can be downloaded for offline viewing but they are encrypted so that they cannot be pirated and uploaded for free viewing in other platforms such as YouTube.

  1. Online Quiz

Students can challenge each other for ‘Online Fights’ where they can compete against each other on the same task to assess their preparations. Durbin Academy also has a feature for arranging ‘Online Contests’ where thousands of students can participate together for practice. This leads to a scope of Social Learning where students can help each other in their studies with explanations, comparisons and Q&A.


Durbin Classroom


    1. Low Bandwidth Video Stream

Durbin classroom gives a better interactive learning experience with less video lagging in any network situation. Low bandwidth consumption has brought virtual learning within the reach of students residing in rural areas of Bangladesh.

    1. Content Sharing

Teachers can easily upload and share lesson related documents, eBooks, etc. with students both during and after a class.

    1. Class Attendance

A teacher can take all the students’ class presence status and time stamp in one click. This saves time for the teachers while avoiding chances of students giving proxy.

    1. Whiteboard and Screen Sharing

The teacher and students can all share their screen with other participants, leading to better interaction among everyone. Furthermore, Whiteboard feature of Durbin Classroom has streamlined the online learning process.

    1. Assignment Submission

Teachers can give assignments to students with a given deadline that is maintained within the platform. Students can submit their tasks in the designated slot and get their marks and feedbacks just like traditional classes.


Platforms that offer convenience and ease of use are the ones most preferred by students and teachers alike. With all the interactive features available on Durbin Academy and Durbin Classroom, it stands as a service students and teachers can avail immediately to conduct classes just like traditional ones. It can be concluded that together, these two make Durbin LMS a fulfilling virtual learning experience that ensures as much interaction between students and teachers as possible. Combining the two, the Durbin LMS stands to have the following beneficial features:

  1. Courses for specific training or learning
  2. Online exams in different formats such as MCQ, fill in the blanks and written questions
  3. Live classes with features required for interactive virtual classes like attendance, whiteboard and assignment
  4. Certification upon completion of courses
  5. Separate user management system for administrators, teachers/trainers and students/trainees
  6. Automated and quick access to course enrollment statistics, attendance records, other performance metrics for administrators
  7. Content Management System for uploading and editing content, and creation of course module for instructors
  8. Cross platform compatibility on web, Android and iOS ensuring accessibility for everyone

Durbin Learning Management System solves the issue of jumping between multiple platforms and provides a one-stop solution that provides everything students and teachers could ask for. Creating convenience and flexibility going above and beyond to give users a holistic e-learning experience makes it one of the best e-learning platforms in Bangladesh.

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